Class 318 Refurbishment

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Class 318 C6X Refurbishment

HSBC Rail (UK) Ltd

This fleet of 21 x 3-car sets went through a standard C6 overhaul plus a full refresh. The key feature of this project was the removal of all of the cab end gangways and creating a cost effective full width cab utilising only the existing cab, guard's seating area and redundant gangway envelope. This combined with a new cab desk provided a more modern spacious full width cab and provided room to fit an electronic destination indicator in the new centre screen.

Key Features:

  • Interior & exterior repaint
  • Full body strip, corrosion inspection & repair
  • Full width cost effective cab
  • Installation of PIS (including PASCOM systems), destination indicators & OTMR
  • New extended life floorboards
  • New floor coverings
  • All new moquette
  • Restyled luggage racks (by glazing originals)
  • Hand pole restyling
  • New lighting
  • Utilisation of LED lighting on new cab desks & marker lights (improving reliability)
  • RVAR compliance where practical
  • Reliability improvements

This ongoing work lead to a cascade of similar work on HSBC Rail's Class 321/9, which had, all the same features apart from it already had a pre-existing full width cab. Additional features were: -

  • Cab air conditioning
  • Award winning cycle storage area

On a similar vein, the Class 322 had all the same features with the exception that the cycle area this time was a flexible zone which could be utilised for cycles, disabled space or a seating area (utilising tip-up seats).