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Bogie facility

Brush Traction is continuing to invest heavily in the creation of a modern and efficient bogie overhaul facility. This most recent investment includes for the provision of a new bogie overhaul cell to provide a single integrated overhaul facility for trailer and power bogies.

In addition, we have integrated our bogie stores which is located next to the overhaul facility.This store supplies complete re-assembly kits direct to the assembly line

Bogie overhaul projects:

  • Class 43 BP10 bogies
  • Eurotunnel Class 9
  • Class 73 type

Electrical Machines Overhaul & Repair Services

Brush Traction has made a significant investment in their electrical machines overhaul and repair facility over recent years in order to support the growing demand from its customers. A comprehensive overhaul and repair service can be provided for many types of DC/AC traction motors, alternators and generators. Recent overhaul projects include:

Project Product Types
Class 43 DC traction motor TMH68-46 & G417AZ
Class 43 Main & auxiliary alternators BA1001B
Docklands B92 DC traction motor TM2111A
1973 tube stock DC traction motor LT118 C & E
Class 465 DC traction motor TIM2093A & G352BY
Class 9 Eurotunnel AC traction motor 6FHA7059
Class 456 DC traction motor EE507
Class 73 DC traction motor EE546
Class 66 Auxilliary machines Blower motors, inertia motors, aux generators


Our Electrical Machines Engineers are able to provide support in developing a suitable overhaul process for a particular machine, investigate reliability problems and develop engineering improvements.

All electrical machines are subjected to testing prior to overhaul to identify potential problems and verify the machine condition. This is done using recognised industry tests e.g. Baker testing, commutator profiling.

After overhaul/repair all machines are subject to further tests including a dynamic testing in a purpose built test cell. The electrical machine test cell allows various parameters including temperature, speed, voltage and current are measured and is also equipped with a camera to view the commutation throughout the test .

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