Class 60

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Class 60


Mainline heavy freight locomotive.

General Data

Wheel arrangement Co-Co
Track gauge 1435mm
Maximum service speed 100 km/h
Total locomotive weight 126 tonnes
Diesel engine rating 3100 hp @ 1000 rpm
Diesel engine Mirrlees Blackstone type 8 MB 275T
Maximum available starting tractive effort 500 kN
Continuous tractive effort 336 kN

Electrical Equipment

Main Alternator

The main alternator is a salient pole machine, fitted with sliprings. The machine is self ventilated, flange mounted with a single bearing arrangement.

Continuous rating 2055 kVA

Auxiliary Alternator

The auxiliary alternator is an 8 pole dual wound machine having a 3 phase and six phase output.

The A.V.R. controlled 3 phase winding supplies the auxilliary machines.

The 6 phase winding provides excitation for the main and auxiliary alternators together with the separately excited traction motors.

Traction Motors

The 6 traction motors are connected in an all parallel arrangement, and are of the 4 pole force ventilated, axle hung type.

Continuous rating 300 kW

Bogie Arrangement

The bogie is of a low weight transfer design having all motors mounted facing inboard of the locomotive.

Rubber stack secondary suspension is incorporated.

Brake actuators are direct acting eliminating the need for brake rigging.